Distilling Yarrow in the bubble. She appears on the edges of my lawns, and in my thoughts as I reflect on @maiatoll offering in one of my favourite books #theillustratedherbiary

While installing my outdoor tub last year, my helper took a good chunk out of his toe, ouch!! Yarrow was there right away to stop the bleeding from quite a bad gash!

A dear friend of mine’s daughter is also loving this hydrosol right now to help with psoriasis, with great results. Previously she was using my witch hazel and loving it, but has found yarrow to be stronger.

I can feel the tingle when I spray her on my own irritated skin. A powerful astringent, and reminder of boundaries!

“Keeping the insides in and the outsides out.”

Maia Toll, The Illustrated Herbiary

Botanical benefits: astringent, anti-inflammatory, styptic (stops bleeding). Relieves itching, tightens and tones the skin, wound cleanser. Energetically: Yarrow will offer protection and sacred space while redefining boundaries.

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