Let’s talk cold sores for a moment. I get them in the summer, from too much sun exposure. Monday I spent the entire day outside, in the sun. I knew a cold sore would likely appear. I started using my cold sore stick (which doubles as a wart treatment) Monday night.

Tuesday morning I felt the familar swelling and tingle. I applied the balm as often as I could think of it, essentially never letting my lips go dry. You can see the cold sore starting on my bottom lip, where it always shows up.

This picture was taken Wednesday evening, after 2 days of frequent application. Upon waking this morning, the swelling is gone, no more tingle, and minimal sensitivity. There is no visible sign of the cold sore, redness or swelling. I will continue frequent applications for the next several days.

I also accidentally discovered its healing magic when I tried to treat a plantar wart on my daughter’s big toe. After three weeks of applications (and exfoliation) it fell out! And it was a BIG one, the size of my pinky nail! Thats when I changed the name to cold sores and warts!

Active herbals in this glorious little product is Prunella Vulgaris (Heal-All), shown in pic and grows in your yard, and Melissa Officinalis (Lemon Balm).

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