"My mom gifted me a few of Tarah’s creations before summer one year and I knew from then on out I would be hooked. Finding a natural bug spray that does the job but keeps my kids free from the chemicals found in most commercial sprays. I’ve tried several other natural sprays that don’t even come close. Also, the scent is divine which makes it even extra shareable. Since using her bug Spray I’ve got some her stick that gets rid of the itch, I’ve got lip chap, sleep spray (sorry don’t know the names of these specifically off the top of my head). All of these products go on smooth, aren’t sticky at all. The scent on all of them is the perfect balance between strong and subtle. They don’t waft you in the face but they linger a little longer to keep you feeling refreshed. Since using these products I absolutely can’t be without them!- Lexie Burgess Misner

"I had a chance to visit Tarah’s lovely location last spring. We visited with a unique group of students with autism. We spent a wonderfully relaxing afternoon sampling Tarah’s amazing products. I can’t wait to return!"- Megan Rennie

"I have used lots of your products from the beginning and love them all."- Debbie Porter-Wood

"Dig it Natural is a set of product lines that can in one way make you look beautiful (lip gloss) to helping your child sleep a little easier when sick (chest rub). I have purchased several of Tarah’s products and will continue to do so because they are amazing. I will also continue to tell as many people as I can of these very special products."- Leslie

"Using natural beauty products has always been important to me, but I often struggled to find ones that worked as well as their toxic cousins...that was until I found Dig-it Naturals. These products are as clean as they come, luxuriously scented and Actually WORK- waaaay better than the rest. The pain relief cream, deodorant, anti-itch stick and lip balm are some of my faves- I can't live without them!"- Jacqueline Meyers

"You have the best products the smell so good on your body or as room spray I also really love the lip balm you have amazing products ?"- Patricia Crichton

"I love Tarahs products. They are hand picked and distilled and made with love. I love the Chapstick and bath teas."- Kate Hines Snair

"I am in love with your facial serum and have been using it for a couple of years now everynight on a freshly cleansed face. It feels amazing! Another favorite is the patchouli rescue! I love this on my hands and feet for an overnight comfort and softening as well! Your creations rock, as do you! ?"- Heather Majcan

"I use multiple products from the dig it naturals line and love every single one of them but I think the all time favourite in our house is the healing salve. My youngest will use this on everything and in his words ‘I love Tarahs cream, it’s the best ever and so much better than the store stuff’.?Thank you Tarah for helping us keep natural.?"

- Jenny