Welcome to Resilient Barn.

Learn. Grow. Share. Harvest Abundance.

Our property has an incredible range of services that it can provide. Wildcrafting and harvesting the abundant plants that grow throughout our five acres, hosting retreats and workshops, or offering our space to help facilitate inclusive communities are just a few of the ways our land can give back to us and our community.



Growing inclusive communities through social innovation.


Hosting Space

Group meetings, Community meetings, School groups, up to 25 people. We can host an incredible range of events at our property, including:

  • wedding photoshoots
  • herbal workshops
  • yoga classes
  • Life.School.House. events
  • film locations
  • tasting sessions
  • retreats
  • and so much more!

All events are held in the Resilient Barn or outside among the extensive herbal gardens, hidden pathways and secret spaces scattered throughout our property.


Life.School.House. is building a non-traditional learning community that celebrates local wisdom, builds connections in community, and reinforces the social value of barter and exchange.

Resilient Barn is one of a network of hosts who are willing to offer the free use of their residential or community space for skills sharing with neighbours. We support each other with a network of learning and peer mentorship. The goal of Life.School.House. is to build stronger, interconnected neighbourhoods through small scale folk schools.

Learn more about Life.School.House. on their website here.

Yoga & Other Workshops

Yoga classes and herbal workshops are often offered at Resilient Barn. We are also used as a filming venue for some small local yoga groups.

Nils Carlson Photography.
Tarah looking at some of her natural gardens
boho style photoshoot at Resilient Barn
A lovely crew of talented folks descended on my property for a boho styled wedding shoot. Here's a sneak peek just for you.
Nils Carlson Photography.
Nils Carlson Photography.
tasting sessions and workshops at Resilient Barn
natural trails through our property at Resilient Barn

All natural, locally harvested

Growing inclusive communities through social innovation. Every product sold by dig it! Naturals helps us achieve our mission.

dig it! Naturals is about more than products made with high quality, all natural locally harvested ingredients. We provide work training opportunities, life skills, and social skill development for people with extraordinary abilities.

Bug & Tick
Skin Rescue Lotion LG
Anti Itch
Nils Carlson Photography.

Independent Facilitation

For people with extraordinary abilities, and people who are transitioning through life stages. Whether you need some solitary self-healing space or some guided transition support, we are here for you. If you are looking for a beautiful, natural, and supportive space, please contact us. If you need some more convincing, check out our photo gallery on Our Property, or read more About Us.

Helping people connect with their own passions, gifts and interests - whatever those may be, and however we may get there.

Independent Facilitation Services
Accepting clients with extraordinary and unique abilities who are looking for opportunities to engage in community work, the outdoors, life coaching & life skills, work training and volunteering. Our facilitation services can include herbal consultations, skills exploration and development, creative outlet opportunities, outdoor experiences such as camping, kayaking and snow shoeing, and even Reiki services from Tarah, certified Level III.

young man having reiki treatment

Cabin Rental

Small cabin suitable for individual or couple. Please contact for more information. Simple, delicious meals can also be provided.

interior view of cabin
interior view of cabin bunkhouse resilient barn
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