It all began with a high school kinesiology project…

This is Dawne.  We met in high school through a project I was doing on fine motor skills, and quickly became ‘best buds’. Dawne taught me beautiful lessons about true friendship, the kind where judgments don’t exist, and being a truly open-hearted soul was where the magic happens.

At the age of 17, I discovered my love for working with and supporting people with diverse abilities.  In many different capacities, I have remained on this path for over 25 years.

Bringing together my two passions…

This is Nick, and we also met at high school (at the same time I found my herbal path), although this time I was working there and he was a student.  Nick has a heart that is bigger than anyone I’ve ever met. There is never a shortage of hugs, in fact, I think Nick should be a professional hugger (the wheels are spinning on this concept!)

While working with Nick and seeing him transition out of high school, I saw the struggle.  So much potential, so few concrete opportunities.  This is a common struggle for many, and not unique to our rural Nova Scotia community.  I wanted to see more for Nick, and others in the same situation. I wanted to be the one to make the change, and lead by example.  Any neighbor, business, organization  or community initiative can create unique and rewarding opportunities in very simple ways, that will change the lives of everyone involved.

Growing Inclusive Communities through Social Innovation…

Dig It! Naturals is about more than a product made with high quality all natural, locally harvested ingredients. 

We provide work training opportunities, life skills, and social skill development, while also identifying passions and interests and creating community experiences, that reflect each individuals personality and abilities.  

Abundance is everywhere!  Fall is a great time to share our abundance. This past fall we were offered a HUGE amount tomatoes.  We put a call out to our community for donated ingredients to make a community batch of salsa.  The donations came flying in, and we got busy in the kitchen!  Each person that donated ingredients received a hand delivered jar of our delicious salsa.

This is just one example of how we help grow inclusive communities through social innovation!

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