On November 10, 2020 my Grammy celebrated her 100th birthday. While speaking on the phone she invited me to email her. 20 years ago we emailed fairly regularly. At age 80, she learned how to use a computer and email. Entering a long term care home, not having computer access and me starting my journey of mothering 4 children meant years passed between contact. A recent grant at her current home has allowed residents to receive emails and pictures. She invited me to email her now and again, even just a one-liner telling her one thing about my day, she said. The next day I emailed her, and decided that if I had time to check social media every day, I had time to send my Grammy a note every day. While she can’t respond to me, I know she enjoys my messages every day. Her memory bounces back and forth, each letter feels like a new introduction to sharing my life with her. It has in a way, become my gratitude practice; sharing small moments of joy and connections, about my business, family and life; and opportunities to share and remind her of some of her favourite things about her retirement years of living in the country.

I hope you enjoy these glimpses of gratitude + connection, compiled from my daily notes to my Grammy.

My Grammy, Creg Elizabeth Buxton on her 100th birthday, holding a picture of my family in her lap.

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