What an experience this has been. I am so excited to share this with you! An outdoor, accessible bathroom has been a dream of mine for a very long time. With the onset of COVID last spring, I stopped all my events that are open to the public – without a public bathroom I just didn’t feel comfortable hosting. 

Eyes For The Job

Enter Eyes For The Job, a TV show highlighting community accessibility and featuring Chris Judge as host. Chris is a lifelong handyman who was born blind, and inspires others living with vision loss to get creative and try their own DIY projects. These guys made my dream possible! 

Accessible + composting outhouse

This dream of mine started to become a real necessity in June 2020, just a few months into COVID. The project began in October and took a month to complete, and we were all so excited to work on it. Check out some of our photos from our Progress Gallery:

Working with the crew from Eyes for the Job has truly been a lesson in being resilient. I am so grateful to have been able to work with Chris and his crew, and so many other friends and family who rolled up their sleeves to pitch in to make this transformation not just possible, but truly magic.

I am now able to offer community programming + workshop spaces without having to offer my home bathroom for necessary facilities. Offering my family bathroom was never ideal, was likely never going to be accessible, and keeping it clean with 4 teens was next to impossible!

The completion of this project will allow my business + community to thrive!

A grant will be the next step to complete the accessibility features, like a lift and support bars.

… And complete!

Special Thanks

Special mention to Jade, Allison, Maggie, my Mom + my kiddos for all the extra hands in painting, designing a Resilient sign from grape vines, drilling + putting up boards, moving piles of crusher dust, and large concrete stones, this month long project had many hands. I am absolutely over the moon + filled with gratitude.

A huge shout out to Scotia Metal for donating the red roof, which just makes this pop! And to McAdoos Landscaping for the porta-potty that held us over until the build was completed! What an amazing community!

Learn more about Chris Judge and Eyes For The Job here: https://www.ami.ca/meet-hosts-of-eyes-for-job

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