Frequently Asked Questions

Need to book your visit?

Please choose from one our pickup options. You can pop in + out with a friendly hello, choose a pickup + play option, or request some time with Tarah during your pickup.

How can I order products?

Orders can be submitted through our website here, but are subject to pre-approval. Stock is seasonal, so supplies are limited and current availability may not be reflected here.

Where can I find your products?

We carry our dig it! Naturals products here at Resilient Barn. You can also find a small selection of our products at Flying Apron.

Can I buy wholesale?

Please note we are at capacity for wholesale contracts at this time. Please feel free to check back in the future. 

How can I stay in the loop about events?

Follow our blog and our social media! You can also join our email list here.

What is a hydrosol?

An excellent question, so we wrote a little article about our hydrosols and how we make them.

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