Dear Grammy,

When we talked on the phone the other day, I had mentioned my fond memories of your little cabin in the woods. Your cabin was near Westport, Ontario on 100 acres of wooded land with a large beaver pond. I loved this little cabin, and sketched a design of what I remembered from it.

I remember a large picture window and a sitting chair in the front, looking out at the bird feeders. Your bed was in the back corner of the cabin, across from a bathroom, and a small functional kitchen with a wood cookstove. I loved sleeping in the small loft above the main area.

I remember being there with my mom (Cathy), Aunt Suzanne, my sister Lindsay and my baby brother Cameron. I think I remember Suzanne sleeping in a tent outside, maybe. Mom, Lindsay, Cameron and I slept in the loft.

*My mom has since found these pictures from one of our visits

My house now, has a little bunkhouse. It reminds me of your little cabin.

It’s almost as functional. Just last year I added a small Cookstove.

And this year, I built a large outhouse style bathroom on the back of the cabin. A TV show helped build the outhouse, which I’ll share more about another time. The outhouse has a composting toilet, and a washing station from a jug of water. Its simple, very functional and comfortable.

Here’s a picture of the bathroom.

I also remember when I visited you, you showed me sumac berries. I remember how tart and yummy they were. Now, remembering these small moments, it doesn’t seem surprising I’m a herbalist, even though it still feels surprising to me. Late summer I enjoy making a pink lemonade with sumac berries, and love the delight from kids and adults when I introduce them to this wild tangy flavoring, with its powerful antioxidants, making a healthy treat too!

I hope your day is wonderful!

I love you,
(Your granddaughter, Cathy’s daughter)

?writing to you from Nova Scotia ??

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