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woman's hand holding cup of tea

Nov 2 2019: Tea as a Daily Practice

October 31, 2019

Join Tarah Gibbon from Dig it Naturals and Heidi Kalyani from *heart wide open* for an afternoon of tea blending, mindful tea sipping, a tea ceremony, information sharing, and some community building both on the land and near the warmth of the fire! Discover🌱 the benefits of using locally grown/foraged tea infusions🙏 the benefits of …

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Herbal Retreat August 2019

October 18, 2019

Join herbalists Holly Bellebuono  and Tarah Gibbon for a wonderfully inventive and creative herbal retreat, where you will learn hands-on methods for crafting herbal remedies, harvest and taste edible and medicinal plants, gather and blend delicious medicines, sample teas and honeys, and take home your finished products. This retreat includes herbal identification, basic introduction to …

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How to Make and Work with Rosemary Oil in your Apothecary

October 18, 2019

You have probably heard that St. John’s wort oil is incredible for muscle aches and pains, but did you know that rosemary infused oil can also work wonders? Not everyone has access to fresh St. John’s wort when it’s flowering at just the right stage for making oil, but most people have access to rosemary. Even if …

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