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Let the wild in! Notice what surrounds you, supports you and speaks to you. Living on 5 acres in beautiful Hants County, Nova Scotia, Certified Community Herbalist, Tarah Gibbon has transformed the land from pristinely kept gardens to a wild herb sanctuary with sweeping paths and hidden spaces.

Our Products

Owner of dig it! Naturals, Tarah creates wild-crafted herbal body care products with healing and health promoting properties, from wild harvested herbs. Tarah's herbal passion is grounded in sharing her knowledge and experiences to empower others while also creating inclusive community connections, through shared experiences both here on the farm and out in the community.




Growing inclusive communities through social innovation.

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"I use multiple products from the dig it naturals line and love every single one of them but I think the all time favourite in our house is the healing salve. My youngest will use this on everything and in his words ‘I love Tarahs cream, it’s the best ever and so much better than the store stuff’ ?
Thank you Tarah for helping us keep natural. ?"

Jenny, Hants County

More than just a shop

dig it! Naturals is about more than products made with high quality, all natural locally harvested ingredients. We provide work training opportunities, life skills, and social skill development for people with extraordinary abilities.

Through our work, we identify passions and interests and create community experiences that reflect each individual's personality and gifts.

Natural herbal body care


  • Local wild-crafted herbs
  • Hydrosols
  • Quality oils and butters
  • Locally sourced beeswax


Tarah Gibbon

Owner & Proprietress

Tarah Gibbon is a Certified Community Herbalist with a particular interest in backyard herbalism. Tarah creates natural herbal body care products, using local wild-crafted herbs and hydrosols (steam distilled plant and flower waters), quality oils and butters (mostly organic), and locally sourced, Hants County beeswax.

At the age of 17, Tarah discovered her love for working with and supporting people with diverse abilities. In many different capacities, she has remained on this path for over 25 years. Tarah's journey with Community Herbalism includes travelling to international herbal conferences, studying with clinical herbalists, and catering a three-week herbal education program.

More About Our Story

Community Herbalism

What is Community Herbalism

Community Herbalism differs from a clinical herbalist, in that they don’t follow clients. Tarah has taken a particular interest in backyard herbalism, and works only with the plants she knows, watches, and harvests. She knows the plants she uses intimately. They are gentle medicines available to everyone – since they grow wild in our yards, fields and forests.

Community Herbalists are happy to share knowledge and suggestions of things you might want to look into trying. We’ll direct you to more resources, and can also give you the names of clinical herbalists in the area.